Best Tattoo Training Institute Delhi

Tattoo Training in Delhi, India providing comprehensive classes with the complete course the art of making tattoos around Delhi, India.


Advanced Training


4 to 6 months

  Complete Tattoo Training Program

  Piercing Training

  A Professional Tattoo Training Kit (Price included in training program)

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Why Learn from us

Best Tattoo Training in India

Always inquire about all the details before indulging in any training program. We offer a wide range of topics in our tattoo training course which include the history of the art, the correct methods of health and safety which include sterilization, the study of colors and drawing techniques and most importantly; how to use and assemble the tattoo machinery.

We have more than 8 years of combined experience in tattooing so don't be disappointed in choosing the wrong training institute/School, there are many out there with NO teaching experience. We use top quality practice skin, tattoo machines, and the reference from the best tattoo artist's around the world, which helps you in learning and getting closer to their state of the art.

Don't be fooled by free tattoo kits that are cheap and nasty, and can make your first tattoo a havoc for your first client and yourself. DO NOT trust those tattoo kits and tattoo colors. There are so many cheap courses on the internet and they are not always the best way to train, and even after devoting months in learning those courses many students walk away without the idea of what they have learned and what to do and often they had to train with us after doing so.