After Care is equally Important

Follow the instructions below, after you get inked (tattooed)

When tattoo is done then remove your bandage after 2 hours but first you have to wash your hand, use anti−bacterial liquid Soap like Savlon/Dettol. Then remove your bandage and wash your tattoo, first make some foam of liquid soap on your palm. Then apply on your tattoo and wash your tattoo. Don't apply liquid soap directly on tattoo

During the first 3 days of healing wash the tattooed area every 4 hours for 2 minutes with a small amount of Savlon/Dettol Liquid Soap and water. After you have completely washed and dried the tattoo apply Vitamin A−D Ointment.

Please be aware that the tattoo is an open wound and should be treated as that.

Note after 3 days avoid water on tattoo.

After the first 3 days continue to apply thin coat of Vitamin A-D ointment next 2 weeks to the entire area making sure to not over apply as the tattoo needs to "breathe". Monitor the tattoo in between healing; if the tattoo becomes dry apply a thin layer of Vitamin A−D to the entire area as needed.

Note after 2 days avoid water on tattoo

Avoid Following

  • Don't pick the scab
  • Swimming
  • Spa
  • Direct Sunlight
  • Pollution
  • Gym

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