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Tattoo Price In Delhi | Tattoo Price In India.

We charge as per square inch. For the Black and Grey tattoo first square inch we charge 1500 Rs and for additional square inch 750 Rs per square inch. And for the Colored tattoo first square inch we charge 1800 Rs and for additional square inch 900 Rs per square inch.

Description Price
 First Square Inch (Black and Grey) Rs.1500/-
 After First Square Inch Rs. 750/- Per Square Inch
First Square Inch (Colored) Rs. 1800/-
After First Square Inch Rs. 900/- Per Square Inch
Mole Tattoo/ Beauty Spot Tattoo Rs. 1100/-

Piercing Price List

Description Price
Ear Lobe Piercing Each Rs. 500/-
Upper Lobe Piercing Each Rs. 600/-
Middle Lobe Each Rs. 700/-
Kids Ear Lobes Piercing Both (5 years to 16 years)  Rs. 1600/-
Tragus Piercing Each Rs. 1000/-
Kashmiri piercing/Conch Piercing Each Rs. 1000/-
Industrial Piercing Rs. 1800/-
Helix Piercing Each Rs. 800/-
Lip Labret Piercing Each Rs. 1000/-
Nose Piercing Rs. 1000/-
Navel Piercing Rs. 1800/-
Septum Piercing Rs. 1800/-
Eyebrow Piercing Each Rs. 1000/-
Rook Piercing Each Rs. 1100/-
Daith Piercing Each Rs. 1100/-